GEM_DOS: Exclusive download

Here’s a new leftfield electronic artist for you, with an exclusive free download and interview.

GEM DOS is originally from South East London, now living in Dublin, Ireland. His work is not easy to classify. It’s techno but with more in common with the electronica of early 90s heroes of Orbital or 808 State. There’s a real swagger to it all and a classy use of bass. As you can tell, I really like it. Wanting to know more, he’s kindly done Ted’s Top Ten Quiz:

1. Weatherall or Oakenfold? 100% Weatherall for me. Asides from the brilliant tunes he has done on his own “Two Lone Swordsmen” are a massive influence. Sorry Paul

2. Synthesizers or Real Instruments? Synthesizers – no question. What you can make them do is largely limited by your own ideas. Besides you can use synthesizers to sample real instruments and have the best of both worlds!

3. Beer or Coffee? Beer. Some of the funniest stuff I’ve done in my life is due to the consumption of beer so is some of the worst but at least it gave me some (horror) stories to tell.

4. Lewisham or Limerick? Ha! I grew up round the corner from Lewisham so it has no allure any more (if it ever did) – maybe Limerick wouldn’t either if i lived next to it for 15 years but I’ll go Limerick on the basis of getting to know a new place. My dad may no longer be speaking to me after this (he’s English my mum is Irish).

5. Basement Cat or Ceiling Cat? I’ve got a cat and he loves being up high just so he can keep any eye on everything so I’ll take ceiling cat – no better viewpoint than that, plus it’s a cat on a ceiling and you don’t see that every day.

6. Orbital or Laurent Garnier? Ouch! That is a tough choice, I love them both. I had a Toulouse sausage sandwich at Lunch and it’s made me feel all Gallic so I’ll pick Laurent Garnier today. If, for some reason, Orbital are reading this I’m sorry I still love you.

7. Band or Solo? This could get me in a lot of trouble but I’ll say solo. It’s not as rewarding or fun sometimes but it’s a lot easier to decide when you’re going to practice and you don’t have to wait on recorded parts from other people to do stuff.

8. Toy Story or Galaxy Quest? A Tim Allen question! I preferred my work in Toy Story. I feel I should mention that Tim Allen’s real name isn’t Tim Allen it’s actually Tim Dick ( so you can see why he changed it but he ruined mine and many other Tim Allens’ lives in the process.

9. 808 or 303? 808 – actually working on something at the moment that uses 808 samples. I still think it sounds great it has such distinctive sound but one that manages to hold its own even as the years pass.
I know this might be sacrilege but I really don’t like that squelchy 303 bass sound – it’s been done……a lot.

10. GEM DOS or Atari TOS? You’re the first person that knows where the name came from. I’ll go Atari TOS because GEM DOS is part of it plus I spent so much of my life playing ST games like Starquake that I owe Atari TOS.

And so to the music. First up, Get Found Out. This has a lovely bass line married to a spritely melody that mixes with the half-there vocals into something that’s  – to me – really quite Orbital. Quite organic. However, he says “Came up with the mallety riff for this and then was fiddling around with U-he Diva which I used for the riff that compliments it. I was then mucking about with the vocal and decided to chuck that into another section. I guess this is something like my tribute to old Laurent Garnier records.”

Next, Sand Hands which again benefits from a cool bass line but has chip noises and a screech to accompany. Despite the vocal this sounds more digital and cold.

And, finally, an exclusive download from his new EP, which should be out in the next month or so. Violent Silence is another awkward to categorise. GEM_DOS says “breaks influenced electronica or something like that“. There’s more of the scuzzy buzzy bass which throbs throughout the track. It has a sense of frustration and repression about to explode. And then it goes all euphoric lo-fi synths. As for the title, he says “I started it on my lunch break in my office. No-one talks to each other in the office so some of us have nicknamed it the library. The tune was called the library as a working title because that’s where it started. I kind of like communicating with people so find the silence unbearable, to me it’s worse than being physically violent to me hence the name “Violent Silence“.”

Exclusive download: Violent Silence

~ by acidted on September 2, 2012.

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