Becoming Real to me

Becoming Real does not exist according to his soundcloud. But if he did he would be Toby Rider. And he would make ‘post-dubstep’, that curious mix of Burial-style dubstep, tinges of grime and a bit of ambient wierdness. There’s a sense of Janie Woon about it all but don’t let that put you off. Here’s some tracks to enjoy. Includes free downloads.

First up, Slow Memory featuring Alice (Sunless ’97) from the album Solar Dreams / Neon Decay (iTunes). A slow tune featuring added crackles and hiss. There’s a lost-in-the-darkness feel of it all. Perhaps even something slightly Japan about the mood. Alice’s voice adds to the etheral quality. Lovely.

Next, Snow Drift Love, available as a free download. This has a stronger two-step influence. And the vocal snatches nod to both R&B and early vocal house. Ultimately, a bit cloying.

Finally, a remix of Snow Drift Love by D/R/U/G/S for free download. They strip the track of its R&B feel and give it a more straight ahead old skool electro house with a twist from the buzzing bass. Really makes the track shine. Well worth a download.

Blurb: Hailing from the suburbs of South London, Becoming Real has been forging tight tracks in his bedroom, earning him in supporting slots for Mount Kimbie, Salem and SBTRKT and a recent confirmation for the Grimes tour in September.

~ by acidted on September 3, 2012.

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