Renegade Soundwave – Women Respond To Bass

A short post inspired by Bagging Area who posted the video for Renegade Soundwave’s Women Respond To Bass. Here’s another version via Mute Records’ soundcloud.

Women Respond to Bass was a single in 1992 but had previously been released on 1990’s In Dub album. Bagging Area asked about any scientific veracity to the claim. I’ve often wondered the same. There are some who suggest that women do respond more to bass relating to the feel of bass and the instinct to protect unborn children from such noises. But that seens a tad unlikely. Does any one know of anything more rigorously scientific to test this assertion?

And for clarity. The RSW version of Women Respond to Bass is nothing to do with the Kill Moda dubstep version released in 2011

~ by acidted on September 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “Renegade Soundwave – Women Respond To Bass”

  1. Ha. Missed this last week. Seem to remember someone saying women respond to bass because their pelvises are closer to the ground and er, bass vibrations. But that doesn’t really hold water does it.

  2. Women respond to bass because it sounds so damn good.

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