Sr Mandril – So Simple (Q​-​Burns Abstract Message Remix)

A new tune, mainly because Q-Burns remixes are things to treasure. This is one of his more Balearic ones but with a sexy acid funkiness.

A mandril is one of those monkeys with the funny noses and coloured bottoms. And this is certainly a brightly coloured tune. The original is a bit cheesy day-glo Beefa. But you can always rely on Q-Burns to give a stamp of quality. The remix doesn’t lose the sense of fun but gets the organ stabs and bass line aligned in a way that makes you want to dance but still feel like sunshine. Great summer remix. On soundcloud or bandcamp:


And clips of the other remixes, including one by Chris Coco, here:

Blurb: Sr Mandril was born in 2000 when Germán González and Ramsés Ramírez decided to merge their musical ideas. The resulting sound was electronic undertones mixed with organic instruments creating a sonic image of colors, sounds and influences that go from indie-dance to acid jazz and ambient all with that Latin feel. Two exquisite original tunes are found in this set, both featuring the vocals of Isabelle Malchionni and the intricate multi-instrumentation of the band. The rollicking “So Simple” opens with a carnival-like organ motif and a two-step breakbeat rhythm before falling head on into a flurry of wah-wah guitar, horn stabs, latin percussion, and Isabelle’s playful vocals. “Reino De La Luna” is, as its title might hint, a dreamy, Balearic style track with a floating feel, lovely, emotive vocals, spacious guitar and saxophone riffs, and a powerful crescendo. This track has been masterfully remixed by Three Sixty’s in-house maestro Chris Coco. Chris found the time to assemble an expansive, cinematic downtempo re-work that throbs and glistens. Isabelle becomes a torch song chanteuse in Chris’ world, accompanied by muted trumpet and big, bold string pads. Lovely. Q-Burns Abstract Message takes the reigns of “So Simple” for a rhythm-heavy remix that harks back to the breaky tunes from the 90’s he used to spin in the back room at the renowned Phat N’ Jazzy club night. It’s dance floor funk with a classic sound, complimenting Sr Mandril’s original with class and flair. Darkhorse lovingly brings out the dubby aspects of the track, placing them on top of a groovy four-on-the-floor rhythm and adding a healthy dose of treatments and effects. 

~ by acidted on September 7, 2012.

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