Ian Place – Pitter Patter (Original Mix)

Here’s something from the margins of deep house and cosmic disco for free download.

Ian Place is from Cape Elizabeth in Maine but is currently in Washington DC. He’s agreed to do Ted’s Top Ten Quiz:

1. Weatherall or Oakenfold? Oakenfold… Always enjoyed his material.
2. Synthesisers or real instruments? Synthesizers… Analog that is.. soft synths get the job done but not ideally.
3. Beer or coffee? This is very tough because I love both so much but I’ll have to go with Beer.
4. Beach or Beacon? Beach… I am not a huge fan of sand but the Ocean makes it all worth while.
5. Lobsters or Blueberries? Blueberries for sure. These past two questions are quite ironic considering I’m from the US state of Maine (world’s largest wild blueberry cultivators)
6. Vernon L Smith or James M Buchanan [nobel prize winning economists]? Vernon L Smith… Once again, ironically enough I go to George Mason University and he is one of our schools research scholars.
7. Solo or collaboration? This is very tough as well because I love working alone but collaborations can be a truly amazing experience. I’m gonna have to go with collaborations, power in numbers is human nature.
8. Bette Davies or John Ford? Well, once again, this is quite ironic but John Ford was born in my small town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine so I gotta go with one of my fellow Capers… I do love Bette though.
9. 808 or 303? 808 all day for me… I love a good 808 kit because it is extremely functional/versatile in so many various contexts.. Not taking away anything from the 303 which is another fine piece of equipment.
10. Deadmau5 or Paul van Dyke? This is tough but I’m gonna have to go with the mau5. I used to be a very big fan but as time has passed and less and less material has come out by him I feel the slightest bit of resentment. Despite that resentment I’ll always acknowledge his past work because it is timeless.

Ian’s done a few remixes but here’s an original track, Pitter Patter. There’s nothing of the rain about this one. It’s a big dollop of bassy techno funk that owes part of its heritage to deep house tropes and part to cosmic disco syntheramas. Has a deserved swagger about it. Oh yeah!

And as for remixes, this one of Bonobo’s Eyesdown takes the original down a tech house / deep house path. Nice remix. Free download.


~ by acidted on September 8, 2012.

3 Responses to “Ian Place – Pitter Patter (Original Mix)”

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  3. […] in Maine but is currently in Washington DC. We’ve had a few of his demo tracks in the past 12 months. His debut release is with J Edgard (Justin Nouhra). Since we started posts from Ian with […]

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