Amon Tobin: Two Fingers – ‘101 South’

Amon Tobin has a really strong electronic music history and is currently on a roll with his albums and live shows. He’s now found time to produce a new album – Stunt Rhythms – under his Two Fingers guise. Here’s a track from the album available for free download.

Amon’s described the album as a love letter to hip hop. But this isn’t the usual hip hop. This is electronics with the crashing slow beats of hip hop. This is something that won’t make true sense unless played loud on a huge soundsystem so you can feel the impact of the bass beats.

FREE DOWNLOAD – Get 101 South as a free download from

Two Fingers album ‘Stunt Rhythms’ will be released 1 October on Big Dada

Pre-order ‘Stunt Rhythms at:


Blurb: On October 2nd, super producer and composer Amon Tobin will release Stunt Rhythms, his second album operating under his Two Fingers alias, via Big Dada/Ninja Tune. This week, Amon Tobin will invade New York City with a trio of events, including the latest stop of his incredibly A/V stimulating ISAM Live 2.0Tour at the Hammerstein Ballroom this Friday, September 14th, an audio/visual art exhibition opening at theSpencer Brownstone Gallery on September 15th, and a headline DJ set that evening for the Rocks Off Concert Cruise SeriesAmon Tobin has called Stunt Rhythms his love letter to hip-hop, to the early elements of the culture built around innovation and freshness. Those elements permeate throughout Stunt Rhythms, including on recent single “101 South,” which was recently featured by Pitchfork and is built around heavy synths and crashing break beats. Elsewhere, songs like“Snap” bring together off-kilter, bubbling synths and quick chops, breaking down classic hip-hop production to its constituent components, while other tracks, like “Razorback” and “Defender Rhythm” are likely better experienced (and danced to) than described. As with all of Amon Tobin’s projects, Stunt Rhythms will incorporate a strong visual presence, both through unique album packaging and through his heralded visual-heavy live performances. Stunt Rhythms will be released in a limited edition lemon-yellow three-LP format with a triptych dye cut sleeve that’s truly stunning and on Saturday, September 15th, Amon Tobin will celebrate the opening of Control Over Nature, an audio/visual collaboration with award-winning artistTessa Farmer that will be hosted at the Spencer Brownstone Gallery and run through October 6th. More information on the installation can be found here. 

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