Mustn’t do dat

Are there any things, in relation to remixes, where – as my son says when another ball goes sailing over next door’s fence – “mustn’t do dat“. I would have thought that soft rock classic Horse With No Name was one. But Todd Terje did a nu disco remix that I quite like (though I suspect the wife and D wouldn’t) and of course there’s Lemon Jelly. In that vein, here’s a remix from Nick Merenda that I would have said shouldn’t be remixed – Toto’s dreadful soft rock classic Africa – which comes out as a rather fine Balearic groove. Free download. As my son says “Iz niice“.

And to show he isn’t all dodgy remixes, here’s a deep house remix of fellow Italians Rambla Boys (previously here):

Blurb: Former member of 2 Guys in Venice from Nano Rec of Dj Spiller (, I’ve started this bside project to express my technodiscodeep side.

~ by acidted on September 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “Mustn’t do dat”

  1. Yeah, that remix of “Africa” ain’t bad at all. The original is a bit of a guilty pleasure, innit? Reminds me of slow dancing in the school gym…

  2. I came to be persuaded and the 1.22 minutes is okay but then it becomes too familiar. Yuck

    djShelf our bum grabber at the school/YM discos was Wonderful Tonight or Freebird before it went all rocky

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