Can’t you feel the love that I send you; I surrender

An album of Italo synth disco from Turkey’s Surrender! (previously here). The album’s not out until next month but here’s a preview.

After a suitably dramatic intro, the album opens with Volute, a track from the previous single about which I said “a brilliant bit of thumping Moroder-style synth work“. Masque teeters on the edge of synth parody and I can feel some charming D invective coming my way for this. Travellers piles on the synths but with a bit of the hello sky feeling about it. Fast Days was the other track from the earlier single which “starts as a piano-led tune before breaking out the triumphant ‘happy’ synths.” When you add vocals to this rich mix it’s too much, as on Hurry. The other previously released tune is Conflicted which threatens to be classic disco soul but glitches its way out of trouble. In small doeses this is great. But all together it’s just too rich a concoction to make it easily digestible.

Blurb: Hailing from Istanbul, Turkey, 23 year old Surrender! has made an extraordinary impact in his short career to date. Heralded by numerous blogs for his fresh-faced, unabashed brand of disco nouveau, with his debut single ‘Locate’ topping the Hype Machine chart, the idiosyncratic funk of Phonat’s mix of ‘Travellers’ reaching the top 10 on Beatport’s Indie-Dance/Nu Disco chart, or his ode to vintage northern soul, ‘Conflicted’ clocking up more than 1000 downloads within one day of release. Having received extensive support from a host of A-list DJs such as Aeroplane, Digitalism, A-Trak, Villa, Treasure Fingers and Moguai, Surrender! unleashes his eponymous debut album in August 2012. A tour-de-force of classic drum-machined house, vintage European soundtrack obscurity and feel good nu-disco, the album features the talents of highly-vaunted Oakland songbird Jhameel (recently profiled as the Guardian’s Band of the Day) and Sharooz.

~ by acidted on September 18, 2012.

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