LGG – Behind The Scenes EP

Some noirish deep house from France’s LGG (La Grosse Godasse).

This EP on Out of Bounds (from Birmingham, UK) is pitched as deep house or mid-tempo house. But Ext12 has beats and a style that has more to do with Detroit techno of the Carl Craig variety than anything else. This allies tough beats to warm washes of synth and faraway samples. Purple Haze takes more of a conventional deep house stance, with soft beats and lots of synth, suffused in a deep warm glow. Inside offers an intensity to the synths before the beats return us to a Detroit sound and even elements of twisted acid. High quality EP. Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.

Blurb: When the Chicago pioneers were crafting the sound of deep house in the mid–1980s, Out Of Bounds’ next artiste, LGG, was yet to be born. LGG (La Grosse Godasse) is young French producer Bastien Carrara and with his debut EP, titled Behind The Scenes, he introduces the world to his pensive, layered, swirling and shimmering deep house sound. LGG stamps his infectiously raw blend of lazy beats, sub space bass, and atmospherics to create three very distinct takes on club music. The pulsating journey that is “EXT12” kicks things off with bright synth chords and a thoughtful build. “Purple Haze lowers the tempo to a gentle, housey crawl that’s wrapped in warm, lush pads … gorgeous stuff. The deep, buring “Inside” completes the EP with a hypnotic, filtery motif that feels a bit like slow motion skydiving. The Behind The Scenes EP from LGG and the Out Of Bounds label is a late night triumph, filled with unique underground house sounds ready for cerebral DJ sets.   

~ by acidted on September 28, 2012.

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