Automagic “Track it to the Edge ft. Jamil Rafael La’Beija”

Summat a bit old school. A bit Chicago. A bit Acid. But not needlessly retro.

Automagic is Bryan Wright and Will Automagic from New York. They’ve been together for over ten years and this EP has its soul drenched in early acid house and Chicago house. But, despite the 80s bass and drum patterns, it manages to sound freh. And it has one of those ‘spoken’ vocals that were so popular back then. There’s a range of remixes, including this one from Kim Ann Foxman, whose probably better known from her work with Hercules And Love Affair. The remix softens everything a little and takes it a bit spacey out of focus but keeps the essence of acid.

Automagic “Track it to the Edge ft. Jamil Rafael La’Beija” (Kim Ann Foxman Acid Edge Mix)

Rest of the EP here:

Blurb: Automagic is Bryan Wright and Will Automagic, two New York City based DJs who came together in 2000 to form this creative project. On “Track It To The Edge,” Automagic opt for a classic, retro feel with acid house sounds and rhythms as well as Jamil’s hypnotically monotone spoken vocal. Automagic shine here, harking back to acid house while giving their own identifiable stamp through the cut’s rousing build and snake-like groove. A future after hours classic, perhaps. The first remixer on duty, New York heavyweight Quentin Harris. An eight minute audio journey, the mix focuses on an insistent acid bass line underneath splashes of percussion and heavy manipulation of Jamil’s vocal. As synth strings rise to a climax, the mix ends in a somewhat different place than it started, but in an effortless way that shows Harris’ mastery of the form. Next up is a version from Kim Ann Foxman, perhaps best known as DJ with Hercules And Love Affair. Foxman’s remix takes things in a spacier direction, with lush strings, stop-and-start hi-hat rhythms, a mesmerizing low-end throb, and cosmic repetition of the vocal hook. This one’s perfect for prime time in the basement. Finally, DJ Nita, resident of New York’s legendary Tubway party and one half of The Carry Nation with Will Automagic, directs a proper four-on-the-floor nightclub version that compliments the bass line with bell-like synth punctuations to fine effect.

~ by acidted on September 29, 2012.

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