In jokes are irritating. But the title of this post is a reminder that when bootlegs (mash ups) took off in 2003 there was a spate of people wanting to put hip hop acapellas on top of pop as the new ‘in thing’. And, for some reason, Biggie was the one they wanted. It ended up as a joke and the biggie owls was born.

I’d largely forgotten that until I was reminded of it by Scott Melker mixing Biggie with Taylor Swift. This should by rights be terrible. But it’s actually great fun, especially what he’s done to her voice and that lazy guitar. Well done sir. Free download

Me & My Bitch Are Never Getting Back Together (Melker Project Popped And Screwed) – Taylor & Biggie

Blurb: Taylor Swift put out a new song. It reached number 1 faster than any other release in history. It is still number 1. It is about her emotionally abusive boyfriend and how she is never (ever) getting back together with him. Biggie once put out a song with a similar theme, except it was about physical abuse, often at the hand of his own “bitch.” But he loved her, you know. So thematically, they are basically the same. Now they are one song. Oh, and Taylor’s voice is dropped about a half an octave.

~ by acidted on September 29, 2012.

4 Responses to “GOT ANY BGIE PELLAZ?”

  1. Have you spkne wth Eddy & James from Xfm Remix shows? they wld be interesting to here about

  2. & James?

  3. Part 1 of interview with Eddy on monday.

    Not sure about James

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