Paul Mac – Some Classics Vol 1

Having been given some grief recently by D about the lack of techno on the blog, I’ve decided to set things straight by offering you this unashamedly old school acid mix from Paul Mac which includes tracks from Mr Fingers, Marshall Jefferson, Phuture and Bam Bam. Free download.

Bobby Kondors – Nervous Acid 
Liz Torres – Can’t Get enough 
Adonis And The Endless Poker – The Poke 
Bam Bam – Scream 
Master C&J – When You Hold Me 
Qx1 – On A Journey 
Marshall Jefferson – Open Your eyes 
Mystic – House Girl 
Dionne – Come Get My Lovin’ 
Cool House – Rock This Party Right 
Liz Torres – What You Make Me Feel 
Lidell Townsend – Acid Hole 
Phuture – Your Only Friend 
Bam Bam – Give It To Me 
Adrenalin MOD – Ecstasy 
Annette – Dream 17 
Dynamic Duo – In The Pocket 
Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder 
Ralphie Rosario – You Used To Hold Me 
Phuture – Slam 
Party Boy – Twighlight Zone 
Charles B – Lack Of Love 
Open House – 7 Day Weekend 
Stickmen – This Is The Place 
Suburban Knight – The Groove 
MD 3 – Personal Problem 
Revelation – First Power 
Nightwriters – Let The Music Move You 
Adonis – No Way Back 
Mr Fingers – Can You Feel It

~ by acidted on September 29, 2012.

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