Cypress X Rusko X Whiiite – Shots Go (Whiiite Official Remix Preview)

Review by D (now @danutakurk) This is a preview apparently. It lasts 1.57. I’m assuming the entire track lasts five or six minutes. Judging by this, that would be a hellish eternity. I just don’t get it. Screeching synths that scrape and scream like a thousand nails on a blackboard, a thumping, clunking, bass beat hammering the crap out of any subtle variation that dare poke its head above the parapet, hysterical siren sounds further swelling the already hideous cacophony before the ‘I’m a gangsta, me!’ utterly pedestrian rapping emerges to further torture the unfortunate listener. This is music to be bludgeoned by and, if nothing else and there is nothing else, it certainly succeeds in that respect.

But there is a free download of this moombahcore tune

~ by acidted on October 3, 2012.

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