Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs .:. Fair (INNER WORLDS Remix)

I’m a bit keen on Inner Worlds’ blissed out synth thing and TEED’s dramatic approach also appeals. What happens when you put them together? You get a free download.

This remix goes for slow majesty, with vocals bent out of recognition. The drama exists in the restraint. This isn’t your usual synthwave fare, it’s much wierder than that. Very fine work.

And if that floats your boat you should also try this remix of Thailand’s Croydon. Pitched as dark blisswave, this is great dark house with big washes of synths. If anything, better than the TEED remix.

CRO¥DON – ¥Ouroboros¥ (INNER WORLDS Remix)

…ONLY WE CAN SEE .:.:.:.

all analog & circuit bent gear


~ by acidted on October 4, 2012.

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