Erlend Øye – Symptom Of Disease (Silent Enjoyment Version)

Silent Enjoyment are Mäd Mandy and Lasse Løberg from Cologne. Their From Tulsa To Des Moines EP of downbeat techno dub-fi appeared here. Now, here’s a remix for Norway’s Erlend Oye.

Erlend Oye was in Kings of Convenience but has been doing more dance-based tracks since then. On this remix of a 2002 track, Silent Enjoyment marry Erlend’s slightly tremulous voice with a barely-there backing that uses softly dubbed beats and spectral strings to produce a remix that demands a little lie down. Lovely and an improvement on the original.

Original track

Hi! This is our version of Erlend Øye´s Symptom Of Disease. If you like it – please check out our EP released via Fjellsmug Rekords: and Erlend Øye:

~ by acidted on October 12, 2012.

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  1. […] Løberg is on Fjellsmug Rekords and has appeared here as part of Perfume Uniform and Silent Enjoyment. But this time solo. There’s some fine acid for you. Free […]

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