Symmetry – The Other Side LP – 22.10.12

Here’s a new dnb compilation album – The Other Side – out on Bristol’s Symmetry Records. There’s plenty of dark, ruff IDMish dnb. But the standout track is Fields, Hydro, Mako & Villem and their track Dissolve. This is in a different class. It has the bottle to go for strings and piano before the beats properly arrive. It’s a winsome little beast but in no way fluffy. The beats are razor sharp and the bass deep, deep, deep.

There are  clips from the rest of the LP. Opener Love So True is the other quality track, drifting by on the sweet vocal undercut by a ruff attitude. The rest of it’s fine dnb but oddly hard to distinguish one from another.

And there’s a mix to download:

Blurb: Launching his own label, Symmetry Recordings in 2006, Break honed and polished his sound with each single and released his fist album, also entitled ‘Symmetry’ in 2008. Featuring forays into ambient, dubstep, funk, hip hop, house and soul amongst an arsenal of sure-fire drum & bass, ‘Symmetry’ earned Break an army of new fans from outside the d&b world with tracks picked up by the likes of techno legends Laurent Garnier and Josh Wink.

~ by acidted on October 16, 2012.

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