I didn’t really know what I was doing: Josh console interview Pt 1

Here’s an interview with Josh console, originally DJ Osh (geddit!) who reinvented himself in those early GYBO days from an A+B bootlegger into something much more warped glitch electronic as cry.on.myconsole. before becoming one half of Pirate Soundsystem.

1. How the devil are you? And what’s the weather like in London?

Right now; medium cold. I’m above average; good.

2. How did you get involved in music?

I’m not sure really. My family are not musical. I think I was just playing around on my parents computer, a really old Gateway thing, and found Hammerhead Drum machine on some website. I think my lack of understanding really pulled me into music, I wanted to understand the rules and tricks. I was listening to a lot of hard house and garage at the time so it was clear to me that computers were involved…

3. I don’t know how you feel about mash-ups these days. But how did you get involved in doing them?

I think my cousin’s husband gave me a mp3 CD of loads of tracks. It was mainly rubbish but in one of the folders were some DJ Shirkhan bits I think… I guess I thought it’d be easy to do as it’s just one thing plus another thing… but then I didn’t really know what I was doing, musically.

4. What role, if any, did Boomselection or GYBO (in any of its various guises) play?

I’m not sure about Boomselection, I didn’t realllllly use it that much… but I must of downloaded stuff from it… the biggest influence it had on me was my dress collection


For me, GYBO was the sounding board/testing ground for my ideas. My friends and parents didn’t really know what I was up to for ages, it was my secret. I liked creating aliases and personas and music to go with them. GYBO taught me so much about music production by just existing as a place for me to try and show off and impress people. I just wanted recognition, early on, and that pushed me to improve.

5. Can you list your various production names? I recall there were a lot.

So many… ok… DJ osh, cry on my console, DJ Bunny, Jonny 180 Hydroplant, Justin Time… I think there are more but I don’t remember.

And from the remix album of The Prodigy’s Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned comes Medusa Bitch (cry.on.my.console)

But to really understand what Josh achieved in his switch to cry.on.my.console try this 2004 ‘remix’ of the classic track Louie Louie

FREE download: Lou1e Lou1e!!! WHAT AM I DOING!?!?

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