Various Artists – AUX:TECH:O2 Compilation

Review by D: A generous eighteen tracks grace this second compilation from Bristol-based AUX and what you get are 2-3 minutes of each to whet your appetite. And whet my appetite it did. Includes Free download.

From Hedflux’s opener, ‘Integrator’ which fools you into thinking it’s simply a standard techno stomper before diverging unexpectedly down warped and twisted breakbeat alley, to the pleasing electro intensity of Rcaine’s ‘Dream Warrior’, surfing on a sea of hypnotic synth, to the uncompromising deep beats of Dax J’s ’11am’, a thunderous bass pummeling all who stand in its way, this is good stuff. There’s techno aplenty here but it’s often slightly bent out of shape, as with Cobi’s ‘Revolution’ or Seth Orin’s ‘Sleazy’ which, thankfully, prevents them from descending into mere four-to-the-floor fodder. Similarly, Paul Lymans ‘Kraftwork’ has a big dose of prog house flowing through its beats whereas with ‘Phase 54’ it’s a big splash of electro pushing it joyfully along. A touch of old-school acid skirts the edges of ‘Collisions’ and the fade out of Flukes ‘This Will Destroy You’ and with a deeply satisfying example of tech-house funk, ‘The Truth’ had me grooving away happily before the Twilight Zone break midway allowed for a pause.

To blow your head off completely, try ‘Dubstep Made Me Blind,’ by the aptly named Hironimus Bosch, a track of quite awesome power which still manages to twist and turn enough to keep your attention. Whilst a couple of the tracks do stray uncomfortably close to headbanging techno, this is largely a cracking album, blending a smattering of electro and breakbeat with hard techno beats and fuelled by tidal waves of shimmering synths and deep, uncompromising bass. Finally, music with some balls and swagger.

Stylus Rex & Electrotec – Quasi – *FREE DOWNLOAD*

Album clips:

Blurb: Now Celebrating its 4th year of delivering cutting edge, electronic dance music, AUX is very proud to present its 2nd full length compilation album: ‘AUX:TECH:02’ showcasing some of the finest talent in the underground scene. After the success of last years debut LP compilation: ‘AUX:TECH:01’ the sequel continues where the 1st left off, with another blinding concotion of rolling Techno, wonky Electro, twisted House and filthy Breakbeats, all mixed up with a large dose of funk. This 2nd LP introduces several new names to the label roster, as well as a selection of trusted label favourites.

From small beginings the AUX label has in a very short time amassed a catalogue of over 100 tracks, featuring a wealth of underground talent from across the globe. Previous releases have been featured on a number of compilations including releases from Ministry of Sound and the legendary Dance Valley festival compilation, with regular radio support on BBC Radio 1, Galaxy FM, Passion FM and many more besides. The label has worked with many big names including John Rundell, Meat Katie, Pedro Delgardo, Rektchordz, Hedflux, Quadrat Beat and Mike Hulme to name just a few.

Hook up to the AUX mainframe:


Released by: AUX TECHNOLOGY 
Release/catalogue number: AUXCD03 
Release date: Oct 1, 2012

~ by acidted on October 26, 2012.

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