Groove Armada – No Ejector Seat EP

Review by D: I know nothing about Groove Armada. I don’t know why, I just don’t. I say that with neither pride nor shame. If you played me a GA track, I would have no idea that it’s them. Not being a trainspotter probably helps. So hearing this six track EP has come as a pleasant surprise unfettered by preconceptions.

This feels like a homage, salute, call it what you will, to house music and the city from whence it came. Indeed, one of the tracks, ‘Chicago, Chicago’ pretty much gives the game away on that one. The intro to ‘Activate My Heart’ is so sparse that it’s barely there at all and it takes its time to get to the pleasantly soporific rhythm which unfolds in its latter stages, while ‘Always Take Me Higher’ has a harder, crisper sound, echoes of ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’ in it’s fat, squelchy bass, that being no bad thing. The aforementioned ‘Chicago’ cranks up the energy further with urgent, emphatic beats and more squelchy bass while ‘Don’t Take Your Love 92,’ the remix of the track that follows, is deep house at its finest, a rich, sensual, funked up sound with a terrific break that could cause a whoop or two if you’re not careful. The EP finales with ‘The Vicksburg Cut’, another deep house excursion, as eminently danceable as its predecessors.

A worthwhile forty or so minutes of music I’d say.

~ by acidted on October 27, 2012.

4 Responses to “Groove Armada – No Ejector Seat EP”

  1. Loved Andy Cato’s work in Beat Foundation and Qattara, but the Groove Armada stuff never really worked for me. This EP sounds really old school – well produced, but more imitation than invention.

  2. Absolutely agree. Good house music but it could have been from twenty years ago, hence the ‘homage’ reference.

  3. If you don’t know much about GA, I would recommend starting out with “10 Year Story” which is a sort of self indulgent (i.e. not record label driven) best of / compilation / remixes hybrid.

  4. Thank you. I may well do that.

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