Slighter – Last Pulse (FREE Halloween Track!)

Ah yes. Halloween. What used to be an overlooked preamble to the much more important Bonfire Night on 5 November has taken over in the UK as the major autumn festival. It’s those damned Yankees again with their trick or treating (aka legitimised begging/extortion). It is odd that a country like the US which loves to parade its religion at every opportunity celebrates such a devilish festival with such relish.

But at least some US artists go the extra mile to provide something different. Here’s breaks master Slighter with a new and Free download. This goes for big ominous drums and high spooky chorals/strings. Even a bit of evil cackling. If you must celebrate Halloween the US way, you could do worse than have this bit of breaks while you terrorise the neighbours into giving you some candy. Colin C says “a creepy little tune that pays homage to the scores of Nightmare On Elm St. and other 80s horror, while adding a bit of Slighter breakbeats to it.”

Something different for this year’s Halloween festivities, a FREE original song from my Slighter guise!

Visit my Bandcamp page (link in player above) to get your copy in 320 MP3 or FLAC!

Enjoy and share!

Released by: Confusion Inc. 
Release date: Oct 29, 2012

~ by acidted on October 29, 2012.

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