Ukkonen – Black Waves on a Charcoal Shore

After last week’s surprise issue of the Ukkonen Grey With Neon Reflections, he’s back already with another track. It’s another cheery title and another brilliant ambient tune. Free download.

Grey With Neon Reflections had an unsettled, slightly disturbed feel. I was expecting Black Waves on a Charcoal Shore to be more of the same. It isn’t quite. This is, in one sense, a more straightforwardly ambient piece of work, whereas last time had more IDM tones. There’s a chiming sort of keyboard refrain that permeates the whole track. But it’s the almost-not-there drums that really drive the track. The beats are uneven patterns of pairs, almost like a heartbeat and the whole thing comes over like thoughts in your head. It is an unashamedly melancholic piece, with a poignant sadness. This takes Ukkonen’s work even further than before  from his debut album. A sad track but quite beautiful.

From an unpublished interview, Ukkonen says of his new work “the Isolated album music was inspired by train travel –  the newer stuff is me trying out ways of developing this style. I don’t want to keep doing the same thing and with the way I write there are certain challenges built in to the structure.  Almost everything I do is made from loops of clashing lengths running over each other – one of the problems with this is creating a dynamic structure – it suits long flowing tracks that change gradually. So I want to address that (although Spatia was an attempt at breaking out of this). I also want to address another issue that is harmonic variety – again the loops mean everything is stuck in one place – combinations of material change but it’s hard to create dynamic changes when you have 10 different loops going all over each other. I want to find a solution to this.”

~ by acidted on October 30, 2012.

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