I’m not a big fan of tech house but I did like the way that Luca Lozano took Tim Green’s deep house original and toughened it up. The EP’s out on Flumo on 20 November.

That little bit of vocal at the start betrays the classic deep house original but the beats have a lustrous blooping which is only just over the tech house border. Lovely.

Clips of the whole EP are here:

Blurb: Signed by Londoner Tim Green, a heavyweight that since 2006 is producing valuable pieces of Techno and House in important labels such as Cocoon, Get Physical or Dirty Bird to name a few. His new release for Flumo contains two subtle creations of jewelry, one in a classic House mood, and other drinking from Techno. The title piece, ‘3 Days Ago’, is a classic epic House track inspired in the brightest Chicago. Built softly and progressively around a delicious soul sample, an expressive melody and an intoxicating bass. The second track, ‘Krunder’, is quite the opposite: A Deep Techno odyssey of acid flavours, swinging both upon an incessant groove and an hypnotic tune which ends up leading the whole piece. In the remix section, Luca Lozano (Klasse Recordings) signs the one of ‘3 Days’, reinventing it and obtaining a strong cut of pure Tech House. On their part, the duo T.W.I.C.E (Flumo) strike again applying their scalpel on ‘Krunder’, to make a Deep Funk bomb. A style which has made of them a great seal within the Underground scene. A release that again sustains Flumo reputation as one of those label always bringing their best.

~ by acidted on October 31, 2012.

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