GYBO Interviews: Postscript

Yesterday’s final part of the McSleazy interview marked the end of this series of GYBO interviews. I started out with a vague intention to do about 6 and ended up with over 30 interviews spread over more than 50 posts. This one tries to draw things together.

My sincere thanks to all those that participated for the time they’ve generously given, my regrets for those who were asked but didn’t respond and my apologies to those who felt they ought to have but were never asked (and my starting list was over 60 names). Particular thanks go to tim fingertrouble for his help getting this off the ground and to MikeCartel for making it last so long by not letting me drop it.

This was never meant to be a proper study of GYBO’s early days, let alone anything academic or encompassing the worldwise explosion of bootlegs (I still can’t quite reconcile myself to the term mash ups) in the early part of the Millennium. It was simply meant to be a tribute to something that was not simply important of itself but important to me – that funny little, generous, squabbling community of GYBO that gave me such great music and support.

Is there a book to be made of this? Perhaps. Would anyone read it? Who knows. It’s a task that’s beyond me alone. Doing this series of interviews has been a really significiant time commitment. But I’m happy to talk to anyone who’s prepared to take a lead.

Download: Lenlow – GYBO Teachers

Bonus download: Fondue Meltdown – Losing The Plot

For anyone who missed out, here’s a list of all the interviews and the links in one place:

Soundhog Pt1 and Pt2

Frenchbloke Pt1 and Pt2

Dunproofin Pt1 and Pt2

CartelMike Pt1 and Pt2

Miss Frenchie Pt1 and Pt2

Tim fingertrouble Pt 1, Pt 2 and Pt3

Eddy Temple-Morris Pt1 and Pt2

Holestar Pt1 and Pt2

Lee 10000 spoons Pt 1 and Pt2

Josh console / DJ Osh Pt1 and Pt2

Act of Dog Pt1 and Pt2

LV15 Pt1, Pt2 and Pt3

Nick Deep Disco Force

Richie Culturedeluxe

Party Ben

Nick Foster

Andy Churchill

Go Home Productions Pt1 and Pt2

Phil solcofn

DJ Riko

Poj Masta Pt1 and Pt2



Ian Fondue


DJ Lumpy Pt1 and Pt2

Eve Massacre

Luke Dsico

Grant Essexboy



The Freelance Hellraiser

Grant McSleazy Pt1, Pt 2 and Pt3

GYBO represents a place and a time hard to repeat. Thank you all but especially McSleazy.

And, as the credits roll to fade, this is the song played at my son’s funeral

McSleazy – baby 1 4o7e 1ou [Arab Strap vs The ronettes]

~ by acidted on November 13, 2012.

5 Responses to “GYBO Interviews: Postscript”

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  2. Just catching up- this has been a major series Ctel with some cracking interviews. Now have alie down and glass of red before starting the book.

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