Moodymanc – Clear Mountain (Cole’s Lone Wolf Mix)

Moodymanc is the UK’s Danny Ward, who appeared previously here. He’s got a new EP out next month and there’s a nu-disco house track for you to enjoy.

The original of Clear Mountain is a jazzy house number, supplemented by a bit of trumpet like it was 1995. The remix is by Cole Medina from San Fran who has tended towards soulful house in the past (see interview and exclusive download here). But this remix dials down the soul and lounge influences to leave something of a smooth nu disco feel with some epic proggy synths.

Blurb: Spawned as Danny ‘Dubble D’ Ward’s alter ego last year the Moodymanc series of EPs have attracted huge attention from house music circles from Silicone Soul to Sebo K and Jesse Rose to Roger Sanchez. Danny Ward AKA Moodymanc starts us off softly with the dream like ‘Clear Mountain’. Soft piano triads grow ever closer before a low-slung boogie bass sets the groove. It’s that lucid jazz trumpet that completes the scene… Second in line we have the infectiously underground ‘Message’. Fitted out from the start with bouncing toms and pulsing beeps and bleeps. A fully dubbed out vocal twists silken atop a chorus of stabbing chords and rushing synths, which may cause euphoria. Cole Medina finishes the vinyl version of the EP with his rework of ‘Clear Mountain’, taking the jazz influences a few steps further and creates a full on slow motion prog – apocalyptic jam! As a digital bonus, Danny slides up the tempo fader to max on ‘Scrub’, a full on percussive club pumper, with a bouncing low end, punctuated with syncopated synth stabs and one really grooving cowbell!

~ by acidted on November 13, 2012.

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