Didier Morris :: Nothing More EP

Goodness, I’m tired after a frantic week as everything builds to the big announcement next week. It’s always like this. Trying to stay on top of what’s being done today, commissioning stuff for tomorrow and trying to keep half an eye on planning for the following week. Downtempo will send me to sleep, techno’s too much to cope with, so here’s some lovely deep house on Flumo from Didier Morris.

This new one from Flumo will be out the week before Christmas. Dunno who Didier is but he’s from Miami and that matches with the sun-drenched deep house of EP opener Nothing More and its soothing piano line. Rave Lick is nothing of the sort but it is crisper and a bit tech house. The Jiggs We Play In Miami has one of those ultra-slowed vocal samples. and a house groove. The remix of the track by Nasty Boy gives it a bit more twangy bass but is otherwise much the same. In my current state, a really rather fine EP.

Blurb:¬†From Miami, Didier Morris signs this Ep holding high expectations, following on the recent bombing by Tim Green’s release which raised the bar to another level. On the remixes section, another new addition to the imprint from Italy, Nasty Boy.

~ by acidted on November 24, 2012.

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