REMIXING CLASSICS: Soul II Soul – Back To Life (Follow Me Remix)

I hope you don’t mind a confessional. But I never got excited by the whole Soul II Soul are brilliant, Jazzy B is a genius thingie way back when in the 90s. They seemed much like any old soul group, but with dance beats and no men in wide-lapelled suits clicking their fingers in time. So, really, I’m the wrong person to review a remix of their classic tune Back To Life by the inestimable Follow Me.

It’s a synthed up version of the original. This gives a bit of dded something to the music. But the vocal’s largely all still there. Which is a good or bad thing depending on your view of the original. This really is a hopeless review. Make your own mind up and add a comment to counteract this pathetic performance from me.

~ by acidted on November 28, 2012.

One Response to “REMIXING CLASSICS: Soul II Soul – Back To Life (Follow Me Remix)”

  1. I’m with ya, Ted – never cared for the downtempo soul stuff that was so fawned over at the time, and now sounds dated. Oddly, this new remix sounds like it was produced only a couple years after the original, when cheesy Eurohouse was big. Wouldn’t call it an improvement.

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