RE-RELEASED CLASSIC: The Jag by The Micronauts


The Jag was released by the Micronauts in 1999 and was raved about by the music press. It’s a cold electro track that runs for about 10 minutes. The Micronauts have remastered and re-released the track on Bandcamp.

The Micronauts were George Issakidis and Christophe Monier until 2000, when George left. Christophe has continued the venture since (more here). I was never particularly a fan of The Jag and was rather rude about the track back here, quite what I was doing with the franglais is anyone’s guess. The remastering adds some additional funk and warmth or I’ve mellowed. I’m still not a massive fan but neither do I dislike it in the way I did then.

And here’s the Speedy J mix from the original release

Blurb: Long awaited remastering of this classic song by The Micronauts, originally released in 1999 on Science in the UK.

“A decade later, this fiercely daredevil hybrid of cold electro and Dionysian garage remains a monster of courage which did not take a wrinkle”
“Based on a lascivious tempo and a torrid groove, The Jag is a unrivaled single, eleven minutes of progressive landslides and liberating orgasm”

~ by acidted on December 2, 2012.

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