GYBO Interviews Redux: “I Went To Almost Every Bastard”: Robb Idiotech Pt 2


In this final part of the interview with Robb Masters we talk about favourite bootlegs, club Bastard and the future.

6.Are there any bootlegs of yours that you think have withstood the test of time (don’t say, none)?

The obvious one would be my first mash-up as Pop Bastard. It seemed that no-one had done a mash-up with Rob Dougan’s classic “Clubbed to Death”. And, always being a fan of the punny title, an S Club 7 vocal was the obvious choice – so “S Clubbed to Death” was born. It took ages to cobble together in an old version of Logic – as the tempo of Clubbed To Death was all over the place, and this was before everyone had Ableton-style “warping”.

But I’m also very fond of the mash-up I did between Madonna’s “Music” and the Evil Nine Punk Rocks mix of Ils’s “Music”. I’ve met Ils, and know he liked it. Although I haven’t met Madonna… yet.

7. You did a Superchunk for XFM as I recall. How did that come about?

I think I just blagged it! I seem to remember that they published a list of upcoming mixes, and there was a gap. So I offered to fill it. A trick that I managed to repeat when Xfm’s Eddy TM was booking DJs for the Secret Garden Party in 2010!

8. Were you involved with the club Bastard? What was it like and why do people say it was special?

I went to almost every Bastard. And also played at one or two. It was a tiny venue, no doubt well over capacity, with a makeshift music system, crazy props, and condensed sweat dripping off the low ceiling! There was even GYBO-related graffiti in the gents (I wonder whatever happened to “Weiser”…)

It had an atmosphere that I’d never experienced before and have never experienced since. No one paid to get in. No one made any money out of it – not the DJs, not the promoters, not the prop-makers. Everyone was equal. Everyone was there for the love of it.

Bastard 71 - Dec 2004

Bastard 71 – Dec 2004

9. It all seemed to exciting and vibrant in 2002/03 to hear mash ups. What marked the start of the end?

I think it was the end of Bastard. Each of the three pillars of The Remix, GYBO, and Bastard seemed necessary to hold it up “the scene”. Without that element, I guess I started to lose interest. And I probably wasn’t alone.

Maybe we’d reach saturation point too. It had become impossible to keep up with the number of mash-ups being produced. And harder to find the ones worth getting excited about…

10. And what is music’s role for you now? And what’s this that you run all about?

Officially, I run the London Electronic Music Meetup Group. But in reality I do very little! The group was going to be deleted when the previous organiser stood down. Since I was already running the London Vegan Meetup by this point, I decided to take the electronic music group on too, just to stop that happening.

Now, I’m just about to start work on a remix for an up and coming act that contacted me through Soundcloud. And I’m DJing for a Sea Shepherd benefit in January. But I’m mainly working on original material that I’d like to take live – sometime before the end of the decade. Well, maybe the next decade...

My thanks to Robb for doing the interview.

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