Alex Metric – Ammunition Pt. 2 EP


Alex Metric aims for big room status but generally manages it in an unconventional way. This new EP totally demonstrates that. This is the sort of thing I’d want in a main room, if I were still able to attend – it’s the dodgy knee and hip you see.

Prophecies is a bleeperama full of high frequencies and techno beats until it hits the mid point and what should be a huge hammering break wrong-steps you with an electric piano driven harmony that gradually builds itself up again. Very clever and very good. Motion Study goes for a 90s piano break tune but warped out of shape and back again. Almost too clever for its own good. Rave Weapon takes a vocal house approach (think Daryl Pandy) which it then drags into chipmunk rave territory. Excellent tune. There are three remixes of Rave Weapon but after Alex’s adventurousness they seem unnecessary.

Blurb: Last Tuesday, one of London’s most brilliant rising stars, Alex Metric, released his masterfully eclectic Ammunition Pt 2 EP via Skrillex’s unconventional label, OWSLA. As if the strikingly impressive Alex Metric tracks weren’t enough, it also features distinctive and tasteful remixes of the dangerously infectious hit, “Rave Weapon,” from Aeroplane, UZ, and Mark Starr. The Ammunition Pt. 2 EP is an electrifying effort that is an exhilarating experience from beginning to end. Alex takes the listener on a ride of a lifetime weaving through pumping glitch-infused techno, piano-driven house with velvety synth soundscapes, and vocalized floor filler ghetto-tech. This release proves Alex’s incredible versatility and immaculate taste for dance music that is contagious on all levels.

~ by acidted on December 11, 2012.

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