GEM_DOS is from Ireland by way of London (see interview here) and he’s done a mix for Techno Kittens. Free download.

I don’t really know any of the tracks he’s used. But he’s broken one of the seeming rules of these things by not including one of his own tracks or remixes. Tsk tsk. Starts quite 80s synth before going off into something more Warp(ed) and reaching a spacey electronica. Very much a home listening kind of mix. Rather fine.

Blurb: The wonderful Techno Kittens ( very kindly asked me to do a mix for their Kittencast series and here it is. I tried to blur the lines between genres a little bit so its not that easy to say what it is. It starts out a slower tempo before kicking in properly. It’s a free download so help yourself. I hope you enjoy it and if you fancy more of the same I sincerely suggest you check out the Techno Kittens at any of the addresses below.

01/ Ohama – The Drum
02/ Royal Sapien – War
03/ Pete Oak – Baby Baby
04/ Mario Piu – Get Enough
05/The Mekanism – Can’t Believe
06/ Him Self Her – Gone Too Long
07/ Falko Brocksieper – Outside a Crisis
08/ Tom Flynn – Tokyo Rising
09/ Ricardo Tobar – Together
10/ Luke Abbott – Brazil
11/ Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway

~ by acidted on December 15, 2012.

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