50/Fifty: Coming Up/Coming Down


Wanted to tell you about a new series coming on Acid Ted. Starting on on 27 December and finishing on Acid Ted’s fifth birthday in February, I’m having my top 5o upbeat tunes (Coming Up) and fifty downbeat tunes (Coming Down). To do just five of each seemed insufficient.

Any resemblance to The Vinyl Villain’s 45 45s on 45 is purely intentional. I was so taken with the series of 45 singles to celebrate JC’s 45th birthday, that I wanted to do the same. Now that over four years have passed, I think I’m pretty safe to do it without it looking like the shameless copying that it undoubtedly is.

I was originally going to have 50 of my favourite tracks but so many of them aren’t dance tunes that I went back to the drawing board, figuring that you mightn’t want a load of Iron Maiden. I’ve decided to focus on the 90s as that, in a way, is where it all started for this blog. But that does mean not having some great tracks in the 50s.

Anyhow, JC had rules, so I’m having rules:

1. All the tracks had to be released as singles or twelves (no album-only tracks)

2. No artist can have more than one entry in each 50 (but remixers may have more than one entry)

3. I had to have bought the track at the time it was released (no sneaky buying years later and claiming to have loved it at the time)

4. All tracks had to be released in the 1990s.

It’s been a surprisingly difficult thing to do, not least because my favourites change all the time. Coming Up is much more fluid than Coming Down. Also, what constitutes a dance record can get pretty subjective at the margins – and D disputed more than a couple as being insufficiently dance. Unintentionally, I’ve ended up with a list that’s pretty anglocentric. In part, that’s because back in the 90s there was no Internet and I couldn’t afford imports; and partly because the US stuff gets covered well elsewhere.

This series was due to start in November but that got disrupted by the GYBO interviews series. So, there will be a post each day covering two entries. Please do participate by leaving comments – even if they’re only to abuse the choices. And some of them are pretty idiosyncratic.

In the meantime, here’s a track that didn’t even make the 50 Coming Up:

Slam – Positive Education

~ by acidted on December 21, 2012.

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