Boerd – Zombies Part 1


Boerd’s appeared here a few times. Most recently for his Velocity EP in August. But here’s a single from his soon to be released album – Cerebrum.

With a title like Zombies Pt 1, I was expecting electro-techno-synth-death-metal. This is zoned-out zombies. The tune is a lovely bit of hardly-thereness, with a little lost vocal from Ellen Arkbro. Fabulously chilled. Fjol is a snippet of piano and electric piano. Lovely.

Blurb: Released on December 18th 2012, through Comorbid Records. “Zombies Part I” is the first and only single from “Cerebrum”, which will be my first full length album (releasing January 15th, 2013). Vocals by swedish singer Ellen Arkbro, artwork by Kilian Eng (DW Design) and mastered by Guido Van Santen. Upload on soundcloud is in 192kbps, so get the songs in high quality from one of the stores below!


~ by acidted on December 23, 2012.

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  1. […] might remember we had the single – Zombies Part I – just before Christmas. Here’s a chance to listen to the whole album. Of Zombies Part […]

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