PoP Campaign – Maggie’s Farmers

pop xmas

Here’s a Christmas card to haunt your dreams.

You might remember that we had a track from PoP Campaign a few weeks back from their new album Britain Isn’t Working. Here’s another track, with an early 80s feel in title and tone.

Maggie’s Farmers contains rather a lot of sampled Mrs Thatch set against a jaunty bit of electro pop, still reminding me of New Life era Depeche Mode.


~ by acidted on December 24, 2012.

5 Responses to “PoP Campaign – Maggie’s Farmers”

  1. All the best to you and yours Ctel. Will it be an early rise? I fear it will in our household again.

  2. Cheers, all the best for Xmas!

  3. […] PoP Campaign are back with a new single, out next month. After the unashamedly political stuff like Maggie’s Farmers, this cute little instrumental synth pop number with its early 80s synth new wave style is a lovely […]

  4. […] Campaign have a history of jaunty synth pop tunes with an underlying political bent in tunes like Maggie’s Farmers. With Hame, it’s still synths but more reflective and downbeat. A paean to a country in which […]

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