50/Fifty Coming Up: #50 and #49



Here we are at the start of the series that I mentioned a few days ago to take us to Acid Ted’s fifth birthday. This half of 50/Fifty is for coming up tunes. Two tunes a day. Here are the first two.

To start, something perhaps a little unexpected. At #50, Slow Bongo Floyd. Hardly well-known, and from the UK, they were led by Mick Jones and came from a psychedelic background before getting into acid house in the early 90s (more here). That perhaps is one reason for choosing them – they represent the move from rock to dance that seemed to affect so many groups in that period. If they are remembered at all it is for their More Than Jesus track, with its Irresistible Force remix. But I’m going to go for the earlier and less well-known Open Up Your Heart (1990) because of its classic house piano and because of it trippy dippy lyrics.

Slow Bongo Floyd – Open Up Your Heart (Piano Mix)

At #49, Primal Scream. Tricky this one. What to choose? In the end I’ve gone for something for sentimental reasons. Come Together (1990) has that love-one-another-ness of early acid house. It also reminds me of listening to this and waving my hands in the air in the middle of Tottenham Court Road. And it’s got a Weatherall connection. What more could one want?

~ by acidted on December 27, 2012.

One Response to “50/Fifty Coming Up: #50 and #49”

  1. Looking forward to this. Nothing like a good count down.

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