REMIXING CLASSICS: Carl Craig Innerzone Orchestra-Bug In The Bass Bin [Slavik K Ambient Remix]


Carl Craig’s 1992 track Bug In The Bass Bin is one of those hugely influential tracks, mixing techno and jazz, and coming into its own as one of the starting points for jungle. You can really hear its influence in Goldie’s early works. It’s inevitably had loads of remixes. But this rather appealed, in the way that it slows everything down, rather than speeds it up. Lovely and chilled feel.

And, for a different take, try this Leftside Wobble version that makes more of the jazztasticness of the track:

About the original version:

If ever there were a song that needed no introduction, it’d be ”Bug in the Bass Bin,” recorded by Carl Craig under his Innerzone Orchestra alias.

Originally released on Craig’s Planet E label in 1992, it was an absolute game-changer, resonating far beyond the bounds of Detroit techno once pioneering junglists like Goldie got their hands on it, playing it at 45 and incorporating its shuddering syncopations into the foundations of drum ‘n’ bass.

~ by acidted on December 28, 2012.

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