Max Cooper Feat. The Slow Revolt – Only You


Max Cooper was my man of the year for 2011. And he’s had another good year this year (appearing almost monthly on this blog). To celebrate his successful year, he’s giving away (until 3 Jan) this collaboration with The Slow Revolt. This matches Max’s clattering beats, and some drone, with rich pop vocals. A bit like Orbital’s collaboration with David Gray on Illuminate.

Thank you!

…for all your listens and support and coming to events and voting and general good vibes throughout the year leading to these recent top RA live act / Beatport top artist of 2012 / XLR8R top 10 most popular podcast malarkies.

Here’s a free download of one of my best tracks planned for release next year, a collaboration with one of my favourite songwriters and vocalists, The Slow Revolt. To get the free DL go to this page:

You need to give your email to get it, which will mean some infrequent updates from me and the Slow Revolt with our latest news and gigs and free downloads and the like. Every update will have an unsubscribe link too of course, should you have a change of heart.


PS the track will be a download for email until Jan 3 only.

~ by acidted on December 29, 2012.

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