Soundhog – Mix90 #7 (24th December 2012)


Yeah, I’m a bit late with this one. Sorry ’bout that. Been away and everything. Anyhows, here’s a new mixtape from bootlegging’s Mr Happy – Soundhog.

Not only is he North Wales’ premiere 41 year old garage mechanic, he’s also an extraordinary bootlegger, who appeared in the GYBO interviews series here and here. His long mixes are somewhat sporadic but always worth waiting for. Notable for the diversity of the tracks used. Hardly your usual rap-plus-popular-tune-of-the-last-five-minutes stuff.

As for what can we expect from this new one, he says “Oh, the usual. Italian prog, Scouse powerpop, Welsh surf rock, Canadian library music, South African psych-soul, Catalonian motorik-dream-electropop, English DIY, German balladry, Japanese glam, Chilean folktronic aceness… plus loads more, knitted together with odd little audio snippets, weird adverts and what have you.”

Link: Listen on Mixcloud
Link: Download from Mediafire


Side 1:

Ithaca – Journey

George Harrision – Greasey Legs

The Battered Ornaments – Staggered

Sharon Tandy – Hold On

Thane Russal & Three – Security

Nino Silvestre – Mosquita Muerta

Eric Siday – Auto Mobile

Rockin’ Horse – Biggest Gossip In Town

The Secret Agent Five – Flight Thirteen

Geraldo 1969 – QE2

Sex Hands – Parker

Vodka Collins – Automatic Pilot

The Monochrome Set – 405 Lines

Harry Forbes – Tomorrow’s Achievements

Side 2:

Y Niwl – Undegsaith

Gentle Giant – The Advent Of Panurge

Belbury Poly – Goat Foot

L’uovo Di Columbo – L’indecisione

Dorothy – I Confess

Roger Whittaker – Nasty Spider

Frank Zappa – Duodenum

The Dakotas – Magic Carpet

Pegasvs – Atlantico

Diagram Brothers – Bikers

Spencer Davies Group – Can’t Get Enough Of It

The Desperate Bicycles – Smokescreen

Marion – I Go To Sleep

Wendy & Bonnie – The Paisley Window Pane

Kenny Lynch – Puff (Up In Smoke)

~ by acidted on December 30, 2012.

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