That Was The Year That Was 2012: The Label


Here we are at the end of another year. I was going to write about how well Swiss Adam and Drew had done it and how I couldn’t compete but then I noticed that I did that last year. Old age y’know. Start repeating yourself.

This year’s label of the year was almost Diametral Network for their consistent releases, especially their dub techno ones. Formed in 2010, Diametral was set up by Matthias Springer and Oliver Roos. Their approach of a network of labels is particularly clever.

In the end though, I’ve gone for something that’s delivered on a vision over five years to bring funky breaks to the masses. My label of the year is Ground Level. The brainchild of Andy McAllister and based in the deeply unfashionable Midlands town of Derby. This year, it celebrated its fiftieth release. For that release it did a label compilation. Most labels would have collected their best bits into a single volume. Not Ground Level. The album Playground was a collection of new tracks and remixes. That’s a mark of the label. I reviewed it here. Here’s to many more from Ground Level.

~ by acidted on December 31, 2012.

6 Responses to “That Was The Year That Was 2012: The Label”

  1. I remembered you did one last year.
    You post more than anyone else, you turn up more good new stuff than anyone, keep on blogging Ctel. Happy new year.

  2. Fucking hell Ctel you were responsible for bringing more new music to the attention of others than the rest of us put together and responsible in part for the unhealthy state of my bank account.

    Also lets not forget that compilation album which hopefully raised awareness and money for a charity which has become quite important to a few more bloggers because of you, respect due.

    Sorry that you are on your own tonight and I wish health and happiness to all of you for next year and as SA says keep on keeping on.

  3. thanks chaps. nevertheless, i have been consistently unable to manage a proper tracks of the year post like you do. and that’s rubbish. doing a top 3 is a cop out.

  4. […] Springer in his Dimidub guise. Matthias Springer is head of Diametral Network, runner up in my label of the year for 2012. But here he is in his role as artist. And it’s electronic dub – like you […]

  5. […] breaks must mean the label Ground Level (my label of 2012). Been a while since I had anything from them or DJ Hero. Here’s his new three tracker. […]

  6. […] 4. Why did you decide now was the time to end Ground Level after more than 7 years (I hope it wasn’t the Acid Ted blog kiss of death)? […]

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