That Was The Year That Was 2012: The Tune


And so to the last post of the year. And the tune of the year. This year was a strange one for me. I had three jobs, including one in another country for a month. But it was a year dominated by the Olympics and Paralympics. It is therefore no surprise that from my top three, two have London 2012 connections.

Third is Orbital and their collaboration with Prof Stephen Hawking, which featured as part of the Paralympics Opening Ceremony. This is a mesmerizing collaboration, set to one of Orbital’s most upbeat and anthemic tunes for ages. Hardly surprising that it’s their current set closer.

Second, and for a long time I thought this would be destined for my number one slot. But it got overtaken. From Copenhagen, Chameo’s Hey! was a deceptively simple tune that bounced along on an astonishing mix of uplifting synth chords, bouncy beats and hip hop shouts and samples. It seems to have disappeared from Soundcloud, so I assume it’s going to get a proper release.

But my tune of the year returns to London 2012 and the Paralympics. Channel 4 used Public Enemy’s Harder Than You Think for its coverage theme tune. But it was taken to another level in Featurecast’s breaks remix. I have played this over and over and it never seems to lose its lustre; its joyous pounding beats capturing the happy madness of the summer. Easily my tune of the year.

~ by acidted on December 31, 2012.

3 Responses to “That Was The Year That Was 2012: The Tune”

  1. Strength and best wishes matey.

  2. […] the remixer of my tune of the year – Featurecast, with his own stuff getting a remix or […]

  3. […] Copenhagen, Denmark. He first appeared here with the fabulously bouncy Hey! which was one of my tunes of 2012. Now, he’s finally back with Visions. He says “It’s a more low key and throwback […]

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