50/Fifty Coming Up: #40 and #39


Hope you had a good NYE. Here’s some electro and some progressive house to be getting along with.

At #40, Luke Slater and his 1999 track All Exhale. Now, anyone who knows the release or my Weatherall-worshipping tendencies will be expecting me to have the Rude Solo mix with remix duties carried out by Weatherall and Tenniswood. But not so. I’m going for the video mix, with a great mock-cabbie start. Where the world was going trance and superclub mad, and Luke Slater had a reputation as a purveyor of hardcore techno, this wrong foots all of that with an electro (pop) stance that would culminate in 2002’s fantastic Alright On Top LP.

Best bit: £35 million! I’d want him fucking gold-plated for that. But also watch out for 4.43’s upchcuck. Cost ya £50 mate.

A change of pace for #39 and 1992’s One Nation by progressive house act Supereal (previously here). Supereal were Paul Freegard, Peter Morris & John Crossley. This track is representative of their Elixir album. Supereal rather lost out in the who’s who of prog house on Guerilla but I did love their positivity and the slightly  tribal stance they brought to things.

Best bit: Janet Cofie’s vocal.

~ by acidted on January 1, 2013.

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