Terminal Radio (Transmission 2)


Seems like this is a day for zoning out. After autechre’s 12hr broadcast earlier on, here’s two hours of IDM ambient, courtesy of the FSOL Forum. We had Transmission 1 at the end of November (here). Free download (291mb).

Blurb: Terminal Radio is a transmission broadcast offshoot of Terminal Window, a music project from FSOLBoard, a community of Future Sound of London fans on the internet. Artists on the board were invited to contribute tracks and collaborations to the album, given nothing but the title Terminal Window. Members who made tracks for the Terminal Window series and general fans of FSOL and ambient music were invited to contribute a 15 minute mix. Eight of these were collected and mixed together into a 2 hour trip. Each volume will feature eight more alternate universes converging into one super quadaural meta-brain.

Volume 2 features Nmesh, cubus, Mischapex, Akkya, Noisesurfer, Clockwork Keyboard, Sven Meyer and Five Minutes Alone.

Intro by Nmesh from FSOL sources.
Outro by Loose Link also from FSOL sources.
Radio announcements by Asia Ludlow.
Organised by Loose Link.
Cover art by Herd.

FSOLBoard: fsolboard.co.uk/
Terminal Window: terminalwindow.bandcamp.com


~ by acidted on January 1, 2013.

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