50/Fifty Coming Up: #36 and #35


A classic and a not-so-classic for today’s pair.

At #36, Hardkiss and their 1995 monster West Coast track The Phoenix in its Riverandrain Mix version. In some sense this should be credited to The God Within but its first release was credited to Hardkiss and that’s how I always recall it. This track is a sprawling proto-trance monster, mixing bits of psychedelic hippy and thumping beats with an extra topping of acoustic guitar. To be honest it is the guitar that makes this so special, combining as it does a feel of West Coast US hippy sunshine with Ibiza Balearic vibes.

Best bit: when the acoustic guitar comes in at 2.20

Now, something to which D said “just, no“. And who can blame her, when I’m proposing at #35 D:Ream and their 1993 single Unforgiven remixed by EMF. Yup, that D:Ream and their Labour Party connections. Try and put your prejudices aside and enjoy a bit of dance pop with both trumpet and slashing guitar. And if you can’t, hey at least console yourself with the thought that at least it isn’t Things Can Only Get Better.

Best bit: when the trumpet arrives at 2.40

Here’s a Leftfield remix of the same tune in a progressive tribal style which never did much for me:

~ by acidted on January 3, 2013.

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