System 7 with Son Kite – Chihiro 61298 (Robita Bells mix)


Goodness, it’s a long time since we had any System 7. I’m not sure they appeared in any of the 1050 posts I had in 2012. To remedy that, here’s a track that’s a free download.

System 7 are Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy. They’ve been around as System 7 since the early 90s; though Steve has been around waaaaay longer than that. More here. This has all the classic System 7 elements, with shards of Steve Hillage’s guitar peppering the track and trancey techno beats. At 9 minutes, this feels kind of standard length for their work. The remix gives it a loose relaxed feel. Very fine for those space hippyish moments, whilst whirling around your kitchen in a kaftan.

Blurb: The original version of Chihiro 61298 is one of the highlights of the System 7 Phoenix album. A great collaboration with Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson (Son Kite/Minilogue) they provide both their electronic jazzy element (Minilogue) and their deep techno-trance element (Son Kite). The Robita Bells Mix is a remix made by Steve and Miquette that is a bit more dreamy-ambient but still with the powerful pulsating beats, and has appeared as a bonus track with some versions of the album.

How this track fits into the Phoenix story?

In what is one of the darkest Phoenix stories – “Resurrection” – Osamu Tezuka works with the intriguing question that preoccupies many science-fiction writers:- can robots have a soul and if so how is that soul formed? Leon is medically reconstructed by futuristic techniques after a horrific accident but feels more in common with robots than with humans and falls deeply in love with the humble secretary robot Chihiro 61298, who he sees as a beautiful woman. Eventually the two are united as one after death, remaining in existence as the soul of the large and friendly robot Robita, who becomes one of the emblematic characters of the whole Phoenix series. This is a story of deep and dark emotions with the magical guidance of the Phoenix hovering in the background.


~ by acidted on January 3, 2013.

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  1. love it sooo much

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