50/Fifty Coming Up: #32 and #31


Continuing this countdown of 90s dance, here’s some cheese and some thumpity thumpity sexiness.

At #32 is Dutch trance/happy house by Atlantic Ocean (more here). There’s something quite insidious about the way that the organ chords get inside your head and won’t let go. There’s nothing complicated about this track. It’s simple enjoyment.

Best bit: when the break comes in at 1.00

At #31, indie popsters St Etienne get a properly huge remix from Kris Needs in his Secret Knowledge guise on 1994’s Pale Movie. But Kris manages to retain the sultriness from Sarah Cracknell’s vocals. In the bed where they make love indeed. This has extended foreplay with the beats not arriving until well after the 2 minute mark.

D meanwhile would have gone for Like A Motorway (Chem Bros Mix)great mix, menacing, relentless bass, 3am-and-totally-fucked wonder tune, just saying…

Best bit: the weird line she’s the softness of cinema seats at 4.15

~ by acidted on January 5, 2013.

3 Responses to “50/Fifty Coming Up: #32 and #31”

  1. The original version of Like A Motorway is near perfection too.

  2. Love that saint etienne remix. Constantly great band like that deserves more huge remixes. I reckon, anyway

  3. Thanks alot for this gem! Great memories with Atlantic Ocean and their Waterfall! I still own the vinyl, and also a double EP which best remix is Peter Parker’s one, with lots of syncopated ’90s house snares. Check it here, it’s worth a listen 🙂 => http://youtu.be/pIl_bMaSp5A

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