Impact (John Roman Remix) – Mumbai Science


After John Roman’s Revisions series of remixing rap and hip hop classics into house tunes, here’s a straight techno remix for Mumbai Science, out in a couple of weeks.

There’s nothing of the lushness that characterises most of his Revisions tunes, this is straight unadulterated, techno. No frills. No fripperies. This is John at his most Plastikman. There’s no melody as such, nothing to interfere with the beats. Impact EP out January 14th on Lektroluv Records.

Blurb: January 14th marks the release of a new ‘Mumbai Science’ single EP, called ‘Impact’. The 9th EP already by the Belgian electronic duo, praised for their ‘faux pas’ techno, a fusion of futuristic outer-space melodies and post mortem 909 grooves. This time, the guys pitch their work as ‘… a dark, apocalyptic journey, echoing themes of inner conflict, moral tribulation and regret.’ Sounds promising! The ‘Impact EP’ showcases a broad spectrum of contemporary techno music. From the festival energy of Mumbai Science’s original track, over the sleazy afterclub vibe of John Roman’s version to the ‘Kraftwerkian’ interpretation of The Advent & Industrialyzer. The EP will be out on the 14th of January on Lektroluv records.

1. Mumbai Science – Impact
2. Mumbai Science – Impact (The Advent & Industrialyzer ‘Music & Machine’ Remix)
3. Mumbai Science – Impact (John Roman Remix)

~ by acidted on January 5, 2013.

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