50/Fifty Coming Up: #30 and #29


This pair has one from London via Birmingham and one from Glasgow.

At #30, The Streets (aka Mike Skinner) and his house garage thing given an epic shuffly disco house mix by Ashley Beedle. Quite possibly, with Flowered Up’s Weekender, the best exposition of a night out and its aftermath musically and lyrically. And, for pedants, yes this is a rule breaker.

Best bit: the line Where you from what’s your name and what you on

At #29, One Dove who frustratingly never fulfilled their undoubted promise. Their debut album had a Weatherall production and there are many possible choices. I’ve gone for 1993’s Why Don’t you Take Me because of its strong dub feel, Weatherall guitar weirdness and an almost country and western-style lament to the whole thing. D would have preferred One Dove – Fallen (Weatherall Mix) for the closely argued reason that it “just sounds great.”

Best bit: the steel drums at 1.00

For those who preferred D’s choice, here’s Fallen

And here’s Kites from their unreleased second album

~ by acidted on January 6, 2013.

One Response to “50/Fifty Coming Up: #30 and #29”

  1. The album track There goes the Cure from Morning Dove White remains one of my all time favourite heart-wrenching melancholy tracks. It’s sublime. One Dove’s missed potential isn’t really the bands fault, the problem with this album, the label, and the delays are well-documented. One of Weatheralls essential productions throughout, blessed with Dot Allisson’s vocal sensuality (went out with Weatherall peer Richard Fearless, was wheelchair bound during the heyday of her career, decent DJ too).

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