50/Fifty Coming Up: #26 and #25


Rave and bass are today’s offerings.

First, rave classicalism at #26 from Altern-8 in the form of their 1992 album-sampling track Full On Megamix Of Full On Mask Hysteria. This condenses into 10 minutes the whole of what was great about Altern-8 (mark archer and chris peat – more here), from their hyper-rave beats to the bleeping to the strings and the fun samples. Watch yer bass bins I’m tellin’ ya!

Best bit: they’re going mad sample at 3.30

At #25, Dave Tipper and his first release on his Fuel Records imprint Bass Gunner (1997). This was a curious hybrid of a tune that sounded quite unlike usual sounds of the time, in that it crosses the hop hop feel of early big beat with the paranoia of trip hop to produce something funky but with a bass kick (more here). Tipper would go on to try to ruin his hearing with ever-bassier tracks. But somehow never bettered this first release.

Best bit: when the hip hop drums come clattering in at 0.35

Note: although the track’s on my iPod I can’t seem to find it on the the computer or web. sorry bout that. 

~ by acidted on January 8, 2013.

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