50/Fifty Coming Up: #20 and #19


Today, Disco Evangelists and Renegade Soundwave.

At #20 the Disco Evangelists (David Holmes, Ashley Beedle and Linsday Edwards) and their prog trance monster De Niro from 1992. This is another epic tune, from its Apocalypse Now helicopter intro to the thumping beats, the emotive strings and Ennio Morricone sample. This is dance floor grandeur.

Best bit: the Rank gong crashing in at 3.35 as the helicopters then return

At #19, Renegade Soundwave and their eponymous single, released in 1994 but getting to only #64 in the charts. They really should have managed to put their music differences aside and had greater longevity and success in their Mute years. There were a load of mixes for this single, including a couple from Leftfield. None particularly stand out as they’re all great. Here’s the original promo.

Best bit: The wife always claims the lines “Hiccups with my pickups,The guitar we couldn’t tune,” and does the rolling walk

~ by acidted on January 11, 2013.

One Response to “50/Fifty Coming Up: #20 and #19”

  1. Ah, De Niro

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