50/Fifty Coming Up: #18 and #17


Here are a pair for whom the choice was particularly difficult.

At #18, Leftfield. Seems a bit wrong that such an influential 90s act (more here) should come out this low down the listing but that’s how it went. Could really have picked any number of tracks – from Not Forgotten to Release The Pressure to Phat Planet. But in the end, I’ve gone for Song of Life.

Song of Life was released in 1992 on their own Hard Hands label. It was “dedicated to the memory of Steve Walters whose support, friendship and encouragement will never be forgotten.” There are a couple of excellent Underworld mixes of the track. But I still favour the original 12″ mix for its mix of dub and house. And for initiating progressive house.

Best bit: that slight pause on the intro at 1.10 before the drums kick in


At #17, Stereo MCs. They started out as a hip hop group before getting more and more into dance (more here). Their big hit was telephone advertising fodder Connected. But for this run-down, it’s the Andrew Weatherall connection that gets it this high up the 50/Fifty. Everything (Everything Grooves Part 1) is a bit of Stereo MCs funky house given a head-nodding extended workout by Weatherall and Jagz Kooner. In many ways, this remix goes precisely nowhere but it wanders about in little aimless circles just brilliantly. Perfect stoner material.

Best bit: everything from when the drums come in at 1.30


~ by acidted on January 12, 2013.

One Response to “50/Fifty Coming Up: #18 and #17”

  1. Both sublime pieces of music.

    I once played everything grooves parts one and two for well over an hour just getting up every 20 mins to put the needle back to the beginning. Like you say perfect stoner material.

    I think I will just dig that promo out and play it while L watches some celebrity diving pish.

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