50/Fifty Coming Up: #16 and #15


This pair features quite possibly the longest track of Coming Up.

At #16, Flowered Up and the mighty Weekender, which is almost 13 minutes long (more here). Released in 1992, this is a tour de force that really needs to be seen in video form (all credit to Wiz for that) and is a reminder that drugs and music really did underpin so much of the late 80s and early part of the 90s in a weekend whirl. But there was a price to pay. “Make sure what you’re doing makes you happy.” RIP Liam Maher. Yes, there were some Weatherall mixes but these are, frankly, incredibly dull.

Best bit: all of it, really

At #15, fey indie popsters James get a kick up the backside courtesy of that nice Mr Weatherall (more here). Come Home was a perfectly nice indie track relased by James in 1989. But it was the Weatherall Remix (later known as the Skunk Weed Skank Mix), released in 1990, that really propelled this track into the ether. It takes Weatherall’s love of dub to the indie guitars and sampled vocals to create the indie dance genre.

Best bit: the piano coming in at 5.10

~ by acidted on January 13, 2013.

2 Responses to “50/Fifty Coming Up: #16 and #15”

  1. Good choice both. One of the Weatherall FU remixes is alright, can’t remember which. A I think

  2. Another two belters but what else should I have expected. I quite liked the mixes of Weekender but then again don’t think I have listened to them since I stopped smoking.

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